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Kenneth Jackson,

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I. William and Claudia T. Bagwell
Washington's Best at the Newseum

Dear Prospective Client:

When Charles Barnes asked me for a letter of reference for the band, I didn't hesitate to reply in the affirmative. The only problem was: how could I express my feelings about working with these guys (and lady) without going overboard? There may not be a solution to that, but I'll try!

When I first met the CBarnesProject in March, 1999, it was supposed to be a one-time working arrangement. Of course, after a couple rehearsals and the show, I was sold on having them as my backup band... whenever and wherever possible.

They are a great bunch of quality musicians who take pride in their work, and they are very easy to work with... and that's not an easy combination to find! Their commitment to excellence is obvious in every show we've done together, but there's more to them than just that.

There is continuous growth in the band, and THAT is what makes them so exceptional.


Gene "The Duke of Earl" Chandler

To Whom It May Concern,

The C. Barnes Project performed at our Concerts in the Park! Series at Watkins Regional Park. They were the first band to perform this year and they brought in a great crowd. Our evaluations were very favorable and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The musicians were extremely professional and of high quality. Their R & B/Variety music had everyone dancing in their seats. They were an electrifying group who always has the audience asking for more.

I would highly recommend the C. Barnes Project at any function. You can't go wrong with the C. Barnes Project! Feel free to call me at 301-218-6700 if you have any questions.


Kathy Garrity
Area Specialist
Central Area Operations

Dear Mr. Barnes:

I just wanted to write and thank you and the band members for performing at our wedding on June 8th, 2002. You sounded better than your tapes and the performance was more than we could have ever hoped for. It wasn't just the music, which was performed with total professionalism and flair but the diverse and upbeat personalities in the band that made the night so special. We greatly appreciate you accommodating our special requests for music. Basically you guys rocked. Please use my name as a reference in the future if you would like. I have received many letters and phone calls and a lot of people have mentioned how much they enjoyed the music and the upbeat vibe that permeated the room all night, due in large part to an outstanding musical performance by The C. Barnes Project.

Thanks again and best of luck in the future,

Charles & Lori Webb

To Whom It May Concern:

We contracted the C. Barnes Project to play at our June 15th, 2002 wedding. We learned about the C. Barnes Project through co-workers who used them at various functions. They have become well known at our company, with over 4 couples using them for their weddings and countless others for parties. Not only do they sound great but they also have a wonderful stage presence. Their energy and sound are a hit. Our guests could not stop raving about our band!

Equally important, we found the C. Barnes Project to be reasonably priced, extremely flexible, and accommodating. About a month before the wedding, they contacted us for our list of songs to be played. Their repertoire did not include our first dance or the mother son that we wanted performed. The C. Barnes Project located the music and perfected the songs - we loved how they sounded!

As we were deciding on a band, one of our concerns was whether the C. Barnes Project would be too loud. Our reception site was a small pavilion - and an 11 piece band could be potentially deafening. Mr. Barnes repeatedly assured me that they could control their volume, which they did. This is something that I appreciated because nothing is worse than a band that is too loud.

My only regret is that with our upcoming move to Texas, we will not be able to hear the C. Barnes Project again. Should you have any questions regarding the C. Barnes Project, please contact me at 703-578-1195 (before August 21st) or at 210-224-8774 (after August 21st).


Ingrid Etienne-Brown

Dear Mr. Barnes,

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening of music at this year's Raven Ball in Baltimore and express my complete satisfaction with your band. Your band's enthusiasm, skill and great song list once again had the crowd out on the dance floor all night long. The band was very responsive to our requests to keep the tempo moving and the variety of musical eras that you played reached out to all in attendance.

This was the second time you have played at one of my events and you were even better than the first time. I look forward to having you at future events and recommend you to anyone looking to have a great time at their next party.

Thank you and your band for a fantastic time.


G. Graham Boyce
Chairman, 2002 Maryland Historical Society Raven Ball

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I have had the privilege of hearing the Charles Barnes Project not once but twice. Not only did we hire them for our wedding, we also heard them at a friend's wedding months earlier.

First, Charles Barnes and his fellow band members were very accommodating in allowing us to hear them rehearse before even hiring them. My wife and I were not able to stand still and absolutely loved what we heard. We were also with friends and both of us hired the band on the spot.

Our friend's wedding was several months before ours and we had the greatest time dancing and celebrating with our friends and the band. The band kept the party going at a fantastic pace, and even more important the bride and groom were having a great time. At the conclusion of our friend's wedding, my wife and I knew that we had made the best choice, and could hardly wait until our wedding day.

At our reception, the band did a phenomenal job with the song that we had chosen, and, as at our friends' wedding, we had a great time. All of our family and guests continued to dance the night away, and the band more than obliged with plenty of fantastic music. My wife and I had, what we would consider, a perfect wedding that would not have been complete without the Charles Barnes Project.

Finally, one of the best compliments that I could add, in addition to our whole-hearted recommendation, is that this band clearly loves what they do, and they have a great time playing music. Their spirit is contagious and they are are a necessary element for having the time of your life.

If you have any questions or would like further comments, please feel free to contact us at 703-780-8884.


Michelle & Paul Haase

Dear Charles,

I am writing to express our thanks. We could not have been more fortunate than to find you and your band for our wedding.

We were continually impressed by the professional interactions we had with you prior to the actual wedding. Your reliability put us at ease as we planned the details of the event.

At the wedding reception, you all truly rocked the house! Our friends and family sweated up a storm with hands in the air and feet swinging all over the place. You all played songs that are familiar to everyone, as well as ones that delve deeper into the archives of R and B. With this selection, you were able to please everyone. Most importantly, the true talent of all the musicians involved was clearly evident throughout the night.

Once again, thank you for your professionality, reliability, and great entertainment. We will continue to recommend you to friends and family as they plan events of their own.


Megan and Rob Weary

What an amazing night.

When we decided to plan a New Year's Eve wedding, we knew that we had to have an incredible band. And we wanted a band that would take charge of the evening. After making a trip to DC to listen to The C. Barnes Project play, we knew this was the band for us. And they did not disappoint. Not only did we, the bride and groom, have an incredible time at our own wedding, but guests are still talking about it.

We wanted this wedding to be more of a party, where everyone would have a good time and the focus wouldn't be on us. At one point in the night I, the bride, found myself dancing by myself. I looked around and saw that all of our friends and family were dancing and singing and so consumed with the music and the mood that they forgot about me. Honestly, I take that as the biggest compliment, as that is exactly what we wanted. And I thank The C. Barnes Project for making this a most memorable night for all.

The highlight of the night was after midnight, when the band led the guests in a Congo line outside of the building, singing "When the Saints Go Marching In", only to be greeted with fireworks. This is an image we won't forget.

The C. Barnes Project band members are exceptionally talented, accommodating, generous, and generally just an absolute pleasure to work with.

Thank you for making our wedding an incredible night to remember.


Russ and Andrea Geraldi